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  • While you’re busy practicing medicine – we’ re busy monitoring and managing your revenue cycle for consistent cash flow
  • We help doctors concentrate on what doctors do best - Practice Medicine
  • Claims Pro – Peace for of Mind for Your Practice Since 1991

Learn About Claims Pro

Since 1991 Claims Pro has been relieving doctors from the complexities of medical billing.

Providing simple solutions to ease the burden of revenue cycle management, Claims Pro delivers services to solo providers, group and hospital practices. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Claims Pro frees up your time and valuable resources to get your practice paid as quickly as possible.


A family-owned business, CliamPro takes every relationship personally, combining our skills and knowledge

with a hands-on approach hard to find in todays business environment.


At Claims Pro, we help doctors concentrate on what doctors do best — Practice Medicine. While you're busy treating patients, we care for

your back office billing needs ensuring you receive every penny you've earned. Claims Pro applies technology to alleviate the burden

of paperwork associated with insurance billing and the subsequent receivables follow up both with insurance companies and patients.

Our processes are robust designed get claim submitted to insurance companies within 48 hours – Guaranteed.


Our proven experience in reimbursement and claims processing positions us as the top resource in the Mid-Atlantic region.

We take quality control seriously. Carefully, we watch for discrepancies to making certain that each claim is completed and processed correctly.

Our payment and denial analysis generates valuable feedback to assist providers in compliant coding to minimize rejections and maximize revenues.


Our approach delivers valuable feedback, translated from insurance company complexity into easy to

incorporate actions that will improve your billing procedures supporting consistent cash flow.


Claims Pro — Peace of mind for your practice.


Insurance Receivable Follow-Up |  Patient Calls |  Electronic Claims Submission |  Guaranteed Submission Time |  Superior Quality Control
Payment & Denial Analysis |  Customized Reporting | Coding Education & Feedback  | Chart Reviews and Audits




Over the years we have gotten to know medical practices intimately. Our acquired knowledge empowers our team of professionals
with the ability to step back and see your practice as a whole. Working together, and in conjunction with the practice principals,
our team will identify your goals, constraints, strengths and weaknesses. We then analyze, create, crunch, review and present
strategies that hurdle over barriers setting your practice on track to reach your goals. Business and technology solutions
that optimize the revenue cycle to maximize compliant reimbursement are clearly presented.


We are experts in medical practice, operations, growth and development, delivering strategic management and business intelligence.


    Strategic management  |  Training  |  Reimbursement analysis  |  Bookkeeping  |  Business development

Practice startups  | Provider Education   | Credentialing  | Contracting


Medical Billing


Managing payer and regulatory requirements, documentation requests, open claim follow-up and regular audits all have become burdensome; getting paid is more than challenging than ever. Dealing with insurance companies’ unclear policies and
procedures has become a grueling uphill task; it’s a recurrent barrier to receiving payment for providers. Maintaining cash flow requires
constant oversight, additional staffing, technology investments, and ongoing training. Billing, once fairly simple, has become
a complex rule based vortex completely juxtaposed to delivering outstanding patient care.


Get more money faster! Our team of experts offloads and manages the burden of billing allowing Practice focus to be placed

on patient care. Claims Pro is more than just a billing. We offer an array of services designed to increase your bottom line and
keep things running smoothly. With our years of industry expertise, we bring perspective, and simplified feedback to
your medical practice - We are your practice revenue cycle partner so you can get focus on practicing medicine.


We manage your medical billing, delivering Revenue Cycle Management solutions. Claims are reviewed prior to
submission and scrubbed for completeness and accuracy. Modifiers are reviewed and validated; claims are submitted to
carriers within 48 to 72 hours from receipt depending on the service level contracted. Payments and denials are posted and
worked timely, with provider input requested where needed. Reconciliation protocols to ensure all patients seen are billed.


Patients are contacted to resolve coordination of benefits problems and other coverage related issues. Appeals are filed on your
behalf with daily focus and attention paid to your open claims. Resources are constantly following open claims to secure payment. Escalations are made to the office on overdue patient account balances. Claims lifecycles are enforced and managed in line
with Practice polices; if there are no present policies Claims Pro will help your team develop and implement realistic ones.



Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle solutions since 1991

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Accounts Receivable Collectors
Candidates must posses a minimum of three years previous experience in collecting outstanding healthcare accounts. Familiarity with coding and the billing process a must, coding certification a plus although not required. Excellent organizational and phones skills are mandatory and all candidates must be proficient in using email, the internet and excel spreadsheets.


Send resumes to: resume@claimspro.net